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Kinesiology tape, made of high-quality cotton stretch fabric and medical pressure sensitive adhesive, adopts the most advanced "S" shape coating technology in production. It is heavy adhesive, difficult falling off, hyposensitivity, soft, air permeability and high ductility. The ductility of the bandage which is considerable equal to the flexibility of muscle is 140. It is equivalent to an extra muscle on the skin to help muscle contraction, so that it can reduce the burden of muscle without restricting the activities of joints and muscles.


Kinesiology tape is suitable for different joints without drug. Just stick the bandage on the skin when use. By pulling the skin, which administer to circulation of blood and circulation of lymph, balance the uncoordinated muscle. In this way, it can relax the muscle and prevent the muscle pull.


Function and Efficacy

Efficacy of Kinesiology tape:

1. Enhance athletic performance

2. Relieve the pain

3. Improve circulation

4. Decrease the swelling

5. Promote heal up

6. Support soft tissue

7. Relax soft tissue

8. Exercise soft tissue

9. Correct posture

10. Protect muscle




Protect the joints, muscles, fascia and relieve pain during exercise;

Reduce the impact on joints and tendons, promote circulation of blood, ease muscle tension;

Auxiliary correcting deformities, tendon contracture, acute and chronic tendon injury, muscle recover therapy.

Instruction of usage:

Clean the partial skin firstly;

Cut the size according to requirements, then naturally stick the tape on the skin, press to enhance the fixing;

Stick the product on the tendon and strain of joint;

When showering, don't need to tear off the tape, only dry it with a towel;

After using, if skin irritation reaction appear, you can apply some soft plaster or stop using.

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