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Production description: It is composed of silk and medical pressure sensitive adhesive, widely used in clinical departments.



1. Silk material with good air permeability, soft texture, light and more comfortable to skin

2. No skin toxicity, no stimulation to skin

3. Stretch freely, good conformity

4. Various specifications meet different clinic needs


Intend usage: Fixing all kinds of dressings, syringe needles, catheters, etc


Available color: White and skin


Product size:

1.25cm/2.5cm / 5cm / 7.5cm / 10cm x5y 

1.25cm/2.5cm / 5cm / 7.5cm/10cmxl0y



Simple packing, plastic packing, metal packing



Size, color and brand can be customized



Should be stored in the environment which relative humidity is no more than 80%, temperature is between (-5~40℃). No corrosion gas, well ventilated and clean room.


Shelf life: 3 years

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